Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 12.17.39 AMbrochureFall2015draft Check out the Fall 2015 Afterschool Brochure. Lots of new classes, especially for grades 3-5! Please read class descriptions in the attachment.

New Classes:
Minecraft, grades 3-5
Newspaper Club, grades 1-5
Theatrical Magic, grades 2-5
Sewing & Fashion, grades 2-5
Origami Paper Creations, grades 2-5
Rembrandt Room Fine Arts, All grades
Jr. Engineering, grades 1-2
Your Inner Musician, grades K-2
Soccer, grades K-1

Returning favorites include:
Mon Gaga (new day), grades 1-5
Mon Lego, grades K-1
Mad Science on Mon (new day) or Thur, grades K-2
Tue Sports (new day), grades K-1, & 2-4
Tue Piano (new day), All grades
Tue HW Help, grades 3-5
Wed Ice Skating, grades 1-5
Thur Basketball, grade 3-4
Friday Chess, All grades

COME PLAY WITH US! Enroll with your friends and have play dates at school.

Your Volunteer After School Team
Lauren Segal, Janel Sinacori, and Christiane Stidham