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  • Recess is a time to support the faculty and teaching assistants in the lunch room and on the yard.
  • Please be mindful that when the teachers arrive to pick up the students the goal is to quickly transition back to instruction. If you would like to have a sidebar conversation about your child, there are specific times when teachers are available for conferences.
  • Birthday Snack are not distributed during lunch. Please review the birthday snack policy below
  • Grades 3-5.  Students in upper grades will continue to have their birthday acknowledged by the teacher during the school day.  Possibilities include giving the birthday boy or girl a birthday pencil and acknowledging their birthday in front of the class through song or well wishes.  The way in which each upper grades classroom teacher acknowledges birthdays will be up to the individual teacher.  However, birthday treats for the class provided by parents will be eliminated.  Summer birthdays will also be acknowledged in the classroom. Students in K-2 will continue to have individual birthday celebrations that include parent supplied treats according to the policy of the classroom teacher. Please include every student in you class if you are bringing in a birthday snack for the lower grades. We ask that parents consider some healthy options in lower grades as well. All children are invited to stop by the principal’s office for a sticker.  We feel this is the best solution to keep our students healthy, safe and eliminate excess.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.27.09 AM