Dear Afterschool Families –

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 12.17.39 AMPlease recall, there are no Afterschool classes on DOE holidays (Nov 3rd, 11th, 26th & 27th) or on half days (Nov 5th, teacher conference day).  Below is a list of days with no afterschool classes through January 29th.
  *   Monday:   excluding  Oct 12, Dec 28 and Jan 18

  *   Tuesday:   excluding  Nov 3 and Dec 29

  *   Wednesday:   excluding  Sept 23Nov 11, and Dec 30

  *   Thursday:    excluding Sept 24Nov 5 (half day), Nov 26Dec 24 and Dec 31

  *   Friday:    excluding Nov 27Dec 25Jan 1

Spring semester will begin February 9th.   Plan your play date with us!

Lower Lab Afterschool Team – parent volunteers
Lauren Segal, Janel Sinacori, Christiane Stidham, Catherine Lee, Maria Masi, Ching-Yu van Boxtel