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Dear Lower Lab Families,

On Friday, October 28th, we will commence with our 9th  Annual Storybook Character Day.   Students are still invited to dress as their favorite character from a book and students must also bring the book to school to present to their classmates.  Students can also dress as a much admired vocabulary word. For example, if your son or daughter would like to dress as the word parallel, you could take two longer rectangular pieces of construction paper. Punch holes at the top. Loop together and hang around your neck. Write the word “parallel” on each strip. Extending on our celebration in this way allows us to learn new words and open up the experience for additional students to participate.

Storybook character day is about the celebration of literacy and the love of words during the school day.  Treats, pumpkins and other celebratory seasonal items are reserved for the PTA sponsored Halloween Party.

Because of religious and personal reasons, many students may choose not to dress up. Those who do not wish to wear a costume may bring a book and talk about their favorite character or select a word they really love to share with the class.

Please refrain from including swords, knives or other weapons as part of the costume.  Additionally, for safety reasons, masks are not appropriate for school.

We will visit all the classrooms in the morning and early afternoon to celebrate literacy and words.  PS 198 also participates in this activity.  We are planning a parade for both schools in the yard.  Kindergarten children will begin and grades 1-5 follow accordingly. See schedule below:

Storybook Character Day Parade

8:45- 8:55am — Pre – K  PS198

  • 8:55-9:05am– Kindergarten 
    9:05-9:15am– 1st grade
  • 9:15-9:25am– 2nd Grade 
    9:25 – 9:35am– 3rd Grade  
    9:35 – 9:45am–  4th Grade 
    9:45- 9:55am– 5th Grade
  • Note:  Recess starts at 10:05am for PS77

The parade will conclude at approximately 10:00 am.  If you wish to view your child walk in the parade, please stay behind the gates on 95th Street between Third and Lexington Avenues until you are directed to enter.  We are looking forward to another exciting and successful Storybook Character Day!

Volunteers Needed: Posters are tied to the fence every year. If you can arrive earlier and help Gina set up the posters we can use your help.  Show up at 7:45 AM out on the main yard. This will take no longer then 15 minutes to hang our posters. Let Gina know if you will be able to help!