Storybook Character Day is this Friday!!!


Volunteers Needed: Posters are tied to the fence every year. If you can arrive earlier and help Gina set up the posters we can use your help.  Show up at 7:45 AM out on the main yard. This will take no longer then 15 minutes to hang our posters. Let Gina know if you will be able to help! 


Storybook Character Day Parade

8:45- 8:55am — Pre – K  PS198

8:55-9:05am– Kindergarten 

9:05-9:15am– 1st grade

9:15-9:25am– 2nd Grade 

9:25 – 9:35am– 3rd Grade  

9:35 – 9:45am–  4th Grade 

9:45- 9:55am– 5th Grade

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