Volunteers Needed: Posters are tied to the fence every year. If you can arrive earlier and help Gina set up the posters we can use your help.  Show up at 7:45 AM out on the main yard. This will take no longer then 15 minutes to hang our posters. Let Gina know if you will be able to help! ggoodman@lowerlab.org 


Storybook Character Day Parade

8:45- 8:55am — Pre – K  PS198

8:55-9:05am– Kindergarten 

9:05-9:15am– 1st grade

9:15-9:25am– 2nd Grade 

9:25 – 9:35am– 3rd Grade  

9:35 – 9:45am–  4th Grade 

9:45- 9:55am– 5th Grade

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