Dear Parents

The NYCDOE is upgrading cafeteria technology. We sent the attached flyer in all students’ backpacks, this week.

Starting from November 22nd students will have a bar code card and will scan it to get lunch, breakfast or just milk.  Your payment status will not change. If your child gets free or reduced lunch, he/she will still get free/reduced food.   Prices do not change. Regular lunch (including milk) is $1.75, milk is $0.25 (even if you get free or reduced food).  The school will not process payments anymore. Please create an account with
Current balances will be transferred to the new system.  Soon after the transfer date, you will receive a statement of what is transferred (either credit or debit).  Please suspend direct payments to the school for the current year.  Last year’s balance will not be transferred to this website. If you owe money for last year, please promptly pay to the school as usual.


Hugues Recamier, School Aide

The Lower Lab School – PS 77