Dear Bus Families M188/M9142

We forwarded a few emails from parents to the OPT Associate Quality Assurance Specialist, the person who monitors the bus routes. He sent an inspector to look around and the following decision was made for morning bus (M1188) and afternoon bus (M9142), effective on Thursday December 15, 2016:


Per OPT inspector :

“Inspector 441 was at this location yesterday and submitted: After observing the stop. 1st Ave is a 4 lane one way street with heavy traffic and E.79th street is also 4 lane 2way traffic. To make a stop at this intersection in my opinion can be dangerous. I did go to 80th and 1st Ave and if the bus comes down E.80th it will be much safer in my opinion than E.79th St..”


The stop will be moved temporarily to 1st AV. && E 80 ST. for route M1188. This new location will begin on 12/15/16, and we want to ensure parents are notified. We can’t show that intersection on the route sheet, but have already put in the drivers “notes” ( Notes for the driver printed on the route sheet) to service the stop.



Hugues Recamier, School Aide

The Lower Lab School – PS 77