We are so excited about the many projects and surprises we’re working on with your children!  We look forward to celebrating this work with you next Thursday (12/22) at 8:30am.  Thank you to everyone who is pitching in to make this celebration spectacular! One last request from you: we would greatly appreciate donations of winter themed wrapping paper or bows (for a special surprise).  No need to buy anything, only if you have extra around.

Here’s what we’re working on now…


We’ve started our new fiction unit by discussing all the ways authors play with language, including the use of alliteration, comparisons, and repetition.   We’re also introducing the Summary System, where the children will be using post-its to help guide their retell.  In the coming weeks, the students will be challenged to self-reflect on their personal reading needs, and will be put in reading clubs to work on their goals.

Over the vacation, it is imperative for the children to continue their daily reading.  Ten days is a very long time to stop practicing all the strategies your child has accumulated.  Thank you for supporting us with this!


As we notice the literary language our authors are using, we are using our own as poets.  The children have been introduced to several styles of poetry, and have been drafting many poems experimenting with these various formats.  The children have really been enjoying the freedom of writing poetry, and being able to express themselves in a new, creative way.

Social Studies:

We’re taking a break from our NYC curriculum, and taking time to discover more about ourselves and our families.  Our focus this month has been on our identities, and all the things that make us who we are.  We’ve used literature to help us understand what identity means, through our read alouds and participating in a Socratic Seminar using a poem.  Thank you for all your hard work in helping your child complete the Thanksgiving packets!  This information you provided has been instrumental in teaching this unit, and helping to create some beautiful projects.


We’ve jumped into the exciting world of subtraction, and are using equations and the number line to model our thinking.  Similar to the Addition Toolbox, we’ve created a Subtraction Toolbox to reinforce common language when discussing our strategies.  We are also beginning to work with larger numbers, and discussing how our knowledge of small numbers and place value can help us.

Other Notes of Importance:

  • Just a reminder about birthday Snack – We love celebrations!  Keep in mind the celebration should be less than 20 minutes, as to not interfere with our academic work.  Therefore, the fewer choices the children have, the less time it may take to distribute snack.  Feel free to bring along a special read aloud to share, while the children are munching away!  Please give us a week’s notice to plan a celebration, and remember, goodie bags are not permitted during school celebrations.
  • Mr. Goodman has asked us to remind parents to provide headphones for their child.  Please be sure the headphone are in a baggie labeled with your child’s name.  They will be stored in the Digital Media Center.
  • PLEASE label your child’s sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, and anything else they might take off during the day! There are lots of articles of clothing that come into the room in the morning and then are not claimed (or are lost) by the end of the day.  This will make it easier for us to help the children keep track of their things.

We look forward to celebrating with you next week!

All our best,

Allison and Robyn