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December 2016

Dear Lower Lab community,

It is with great pride once again that I write to you this holiday season.  I am pleased to report that we had a fantastic fall!  Let us just stop and think about the fabulous publishing parties that so many families attended, the Wingspan event, NDI performance, open school week, and a wonderful new music program, which will be highlighted in a winter concert on January 23rd.  We also have a brand new kindergarten team that is off and running, a new word study program in the upper grades, and a new Spanish teacher who brings music and sparkle to lower grade language classes.

Hugues and D’Andre are doing a great job as well, supporting our students and families with lunch, recess and busing – huge pieces.  I am also grateful for our new stream-lined digital system for communication, managed by our non-stop Gina.

Everyone, students, teachers and parents are also benefitting greatly from the addition of Josh Goldstein as our full-time guidance counselor.  He is there for us in so many ways, from morning gathering in the auditorium, to recess and lunch (both upper and lower), to his small group meetings, etc. etc.  He already knows our students so well that it feels like he has been here for years, and he can be seen jumping rope at recess if anyone wishes to see this for themselves.

We will also be enjoying some additional funds.  Through the highly successful auction fund-raiser and a generous grant, we are planning the purchase of new technology equipment in order to support every child’s learning – more on that soon.  Additionally, Michael Goodman and the School Wellness Committee wrote and won a grant, which will bring more physical activity into the school.

Lastly, I want to share some upcoming news that is very exciting.  Beginning in January, Lower Lab will be launching a new school-wide initiative called Lower Lab Values.  Through this effort, we plan to increase social emotional learning for every student.  As a community, we will build awareness and create a common thread across the school around carefully selected core values.  Each month, as we introduce the value of the month, students will engage in community-circle activities, share a common text, a few surprises and a celebratory end-of-month assembly.  Our first core value, for January is RESPECT and the supporting book of the month will be announced after the break.  Please feel free to stop by the office, where we will keep a copy on-hand, and enjoy a quick read.

As 2016 comes to a close, we should reflect on our dedicated teachers, superb staff, committed families – and of course, the fabulous children – that make Lower Lab great!  At this time, I wish you and your family a wonderful break, filled with love, joy and memorable holidays.  Here’s looking forward to an amazing 2017!


Sandy Miller

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