Dear Lower Lab Families,
Please find the students pulled from the lottery for the After School CASA Grant- Inside Broadway Program beginning on February 2nd 2017.

This is the second year we have had the need to create a lottery for this program. Kudos to Inside Broadway for their excellence and popularity. It is unprecedented that we had 57 applications for 35 spots. 
14 – 5th Graders
20- 4th Graders
23- 3rd Graders 
It is amazing that we had such a large response however extremely emotional for us to proceed with a lottery option. We exhausted many scenarios so that we might include all 57 students, but unfortunately the 35 student cap was the only feasible possibility.   This lottery was equitable for all grades (3-5) and every student’s name was placed in a bowl. There were no priorities in terms of seniority, repeat participants, or siblings. 
Please note that we have also decided to select 3 wait listed students should there be a need to replace any of the participants due to illness or lack of 100 percent participation. We thanks everyone for their consideration and look forward to this year. The program will begin on February 2nd. Should your situation change and you are no longer interested in participating please let Gina know ASAP so that we might select someone from the wait list.  
Individual info letters will go home tomorrow !
Once again thanks for your continued support.
See students names below:
    1. Justin Pyun
    2. Daria Gural
    3. Mackenzie Greene
    4. Sophia Straus
    5. Hannah Bess
    6. Ryan Bess
    7. Carly Weiss
    8. Natasha Kometz
    9. Maeve Resk
    10. Parthiv Patel
    11. Ruby Oriol
    12. Anna Eliasson
    13. Isabella Capole-Chung
    14. Mira Bieber
    15. Ella Mckiernan
    16. Harrison Ahmad
    17. Bridget Galwey
    18. Jonah Peirez
    19. Mia Mandorla
    20. Kevin Zhang
    21. Sadie Berk
    22. Rachel Chance
    23. Sasha Konikov
    24. Lucas Gerken
    25. Lilian Kim
    26. Abigail Chen
    27. Emma Chen
    28. Josephine Choi
    29. Sophie Kulkarni
    30. Nathan Peirez
    31. Lily Leshanski
    32. Ziggy Bornas
    33. Emma Savonije
    34. Jack Kern
    35. Dahlia Kaufman


  1. Dylan Zaslow  Alternate 
  2. Judith Huang  Alternate 
  3. Bella Straus  Alternate