Dear Lower Lab Families,


In the hope of making our dismissal protocols a bit more seamless, we are requesting/reminding the following from our families.

Please refrain from emailing teachers during the day regarding dismissal as they are teaching and it is uncertain if they will see your request. We ask that hard copy notes be backpacked to teachers with all pertinent information regarding dismissal changes. This includes any changes which are longterm or short.

If you have an emergency change that was not backpacked in the morning, we must receive this information before 1:00PM in order to implement this change properly. Understanding that faxes may be difficult, we request that families call the office prior to 1:00PM with the information AND follow up with an email confirming what was discussed on the phone with an office member. This is our contact information:






Thank you for your attention in this matter, as it will help ensure the safety and well-being of the children.