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Dear PS 77 and PS 198 Teachers and Families,                                                        January 10, 2017


Happy New Year!  We held our December 2016 Student Council meetings on Tuesday December 13th.  The greetings for both the lower and the upper grade meetings were led by students this month.  For our lower grade meeting, we invited a second grade representative from PS 77 and a second grade representative from PS 198 to share a little bit about themselves with the group.  For the upper grade meeting, we invited two fifth graders to share with the group.  The students discussed some of their interests, things they like, and things they are good at; they also answered some questions from other representatives.  It is important for our Student Council members to practice speaking in front of others and it’s also important for representatives to actively listen to their peers and ask relevant questions.

For our ice-ice breakers, the lower grade students participated in the “Warm-Up Wave” and the upper grade students participated in “Different and Alike Interviews.”  The the first, students were given sentence starters that they had to complete out loud in front of the group.  Once they gave their answer, they did the wave by standing up and reaching their arms to the ceiling (like you would see at a sporting event).  The wave reached from one end of the room to the other and all students were able to think on their feet and share something.  For the latter activity, upper grade students paired up with a partner that they did not know well.  The purpose of these interviews was to get to know someone else while practicing asking questions, listening, and recording answers.  The hope was that students would also think a bit more themselves thus promoting self-awareness.  Our ice-breaker activities aim to get students moving around, thinking, and mixing with each other.


For our activity, the lower grade students decorated holiday (winter/new years) cards that were delivered to the families at The Ronald McDonald House of New York.  We partner with the RMH each year in March by coordinating a pantry drive for them here in our building.  We discussed how the holidays can be a tough time for children and families staying at the RMH because they are away from home.  Our hope was that sending them our thoughts and well wishes could bring them a smile and a little joy this season.  For our upper grade meeting, we ran out of time and did not get to holiday cards.  So, those students who wished to create a card took a template with them, completed it on their own time, and returned their card to Mrs. H that week so it could be included in the RMH drop off.  The upper grade representatives were busy discussing details (who, what, where, when, why, how) about a PS 77 and PS 198 integration project that we first brainstormed about in November.  More information to come on this soon!


We ended both meetings with the “Student Council Handshake” which many students remembered how to do!  A copy of the meeting agenda was distributed so that the representatives could share with their teachers and classmates what we did and talked about this month at our meetings.  Our next Student Council meeting for January will take place on Tuesday, January 17th and our next building-wide School Spirit Day will take place on Friday, January 27th: College Day (wear your college gear!).


Until next time,



Josh Goldstein                                                                                                            Allie Harvazinski

Guidance Counselor, PS 77                                                                                        Guidance Counselor, PS 198