screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-1-46-45-pmCelebrate Valentine’s Day at Lower LabValentine’s Day is the perfect time to let the special people in your life know just how much you care for them! Flyers were backpacked last week to let you know about two ways to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer and support Lower Lab:
Friendship Wall of Hearts

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by having your student decorate hearts for our Friendship Wall. Students can decorate the hearts you received by backpack for a sibling, friend or favorite teacher. Once we receive your hearts, we will display them on our Friendship Wall in the hallway at school for everyone to see! Feel free to decorate the hearts any way you’d like – glitter, stickers and kind words are all welcome!
Please return your decorated hearts and your payment ($5 each or buy 4 hearts for $15) by February 9th so that your child’s hearts can be included on our wall.
If you would like additional heart sheets, please print out the attached document!
Bunches of Bouquets for our BEST Staff!

Buy a flower for your favorite teacher at Lower Lab! For $5 (or 5 flowers for $20), you can write a personal note to your favorite staff member and they will receive a beautiful flower from you! Flowers can be distributed to anyone on staff.
Remember — all orders due by February 9th!
Don’t forget any of your favorite staff!
Sandra G. Miller, Principal

Denise Pérez, Assistant Principal

Sam Chan, Business Manager

Gina Goodman, Parent Coordinator

Hugues Récamier, School Aide

D’Andre Ward, School Aide
Tracy Rosenberg, K-101

Rachel Kanegis, TA K-101

Sophia O’Brien, K-106

Andres Delgado, TA K-106
Kristin Broderick, 1-103

Laura Greenberg, TA 1-103

Sarah Moran, 1-141

Diana Velazquez, TA 1-141
Allison Haimeck, 2-203

Ines Cosme, TA 2-203

Robyn Millman, 2-206

Sara Suh, TA 2-206
Laura King, 3-205

Natalia Maurillo, TA 3-205

Kevin Kok, 3-208

Alyson Murphy, TA 3-208
Donna Seferian, 4-243

Gabriel Contreras, TA 4-243

Robin Courtwright 4-245

Katie McAuliffe, TA 4-245
Claudia Coia, 5-218

Dion Miller, TA 5-218

Leslie Blaustein, 5-220

Crystal Camacho-White, TA 5-220
Katarina Klaf, Science

Michelle Liss, Art

Jieun Kim, Music

Mike Goodman, Physical Ed/Media Literacy

Jon Early, TA Art/Science


Juana Torres, Paraprofessional

Petronila Herrera, Paraprofessional

Susan Carnahan, Paraprofessional
Lindsey Kubera, SETTS/Special Ed. Liaison

Joshua Goldstein, Guidance Counselor

Iris Lugo- Becker, Social Worker

Dr. Ronna Rosen, Psychologist

Virginia Torres, Family Worker

Anita Radovic, Psychologist

Yvette Sanchez, Clerical Associate
Lauren Linder, Speech Therapist

Lila Chess, Occupational Therapist

Brian Weisner, Physical Therapist
Olga Melgar, School Nurse

Anna Yohannan, School Nurse
Ari Panteltis, Custodial Engineer

Moises Zafra, Custodian

Francisco Hidalgo, Custodian