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Dear Lower Lab Families,

If your child rides the yellow school bus we have information that might impact your family should you arrive late to the stop to pick up your child.

When the bus gets to a particular stop, and children disembark, it is essential that they see their parents or caregivers prior to stepping off the bus. There are new regulations for OPT which would allow the driver to leave a student of any age on the sidewalk and depart the stop.

As per regulations, “the driver may leave a student on the sidewalk (even kindergarteners). It is the student’s responsibility to remain on the bus if their pickup person is not at the stop.”

These new regulations might give one pause. Therefore, we ask that families discuss an action plan with their children.

1)    Explain again and again to your child that he/she should not leave the bus if there is nobody to pick him/her up.

2)    Have them look out the window before they step off the bus to see if the designated person is waiting at the stop.

3)    The student should alert the bus driver immediately that they do not see anyone on the sidewalk to pick them up before the driver pulls away from the stop.

2) Parents please arrive early for pickup at the bus stop. In case of an emergency or if you are running late, please have a plan B with your child, so that they know of an alternate person at your stop with whom they may go.

Drivers are being rotated on their routes as part of their contracts and we want to empower the students to watch for their parents or caregivers prior to leaving the bus.

As always, families can get information about the status of a bus (in case of lateness, for example) please, call the company. They can contact the drivers. This is the appropriate protocol. The bus company’s number is 718-346-9600.

In case of a problem, or if you want to file a formal complaint, call OPT at 718-392-8855.


Hugues Recamier, School Aide

The Lower Lab School – PS 77