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Dear Lower Lab Families,
  • Just a reminder that March 9th this our PT conference
  • HALF DAY for students
  • Dismissal will be at 11:25!
  • Buses will run! (If you child arrives to the stop for example 15 minutes after normal dismissal just figure this out with the 11:25 dismissal and get to your stop at that time)
  • If you are an everyday “hot lunch” student we will make an announcement over the PA to tell the teachers and TA’s to send students down to the cafeteria at 10AM.
  • Please remember to sign in with the agent and all teachers have a sign in sheet as well.
  • see attached documents to support the conferences




Reminder that Mary Boncher has a workshop Friday 

March 3rd 

 Topic Managing Anxiety.

Here is a copy of the surviving parent teachers