Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.04.14 PMTeacher Treats 2017

Please connect with your winning teacher to arrange for mutual treat times. Winners of the “Principal for the Day” and” Assistant Principal for the Day”  as well as the “Executive Board Lunch”  please connect with Gina and she will arrange all the particulars.

Congrats to the winners and a special thank you to the teachers and staff for this amazing donation of your time. The kids will certainly enjoy this special time.

  1. Teacher Treats 2017

    1. Can You Handle Laura King- Sadie Berk 4-245
    2. 16 Handles with Ms Natalia and Ms Rachel K- Nishtha Roy 4-245, Sophia Kometz 3-208, Colette Gautier K101
    3. Improv with Ms Courtwright- Mira Iyer 4-245, Ava Franciscovitch 5-218, Vincent Bruckner 4-245, Lexie Klein 4-245, Sadie Berk 4-245, Sophia Kometz 3-207
    4. The Ds Have It – Liam Ryan 5-218, Ethan Klein 4-243, Michael Lieberman 5-220, Sam Weinick 5-218, Jonah Peirez 4-243, Ethan Kaminer 3-205, James Nejat 4-245 x2, Tyler Borg 3-208 x2 (Tyler and James were doubly lucky! Each can choose a friend!)
    5. Ice Scream for Robyn- James Myatt 2-206
    6. B-I-N-G-OMG with Tracy and Rachel K- Vian Dimitrov K-101, Liam Kupferschmidt K-101, Amalia Baltodano K-101
    7. Mr. Goodman- Nathan Pierez 3-208
    8. Tripping with Ms Sophia and Mr Delgado – Zoe Kulkarni K-106, John Homan K-106
    9. Who’s Cooler Than Claudia- Bountou Keita 5-218
    10. AP for the Day- Ava Franciscovich 5-218
    11. Ms Haimeck is Hungry for Pizza- Perry Garon 2-203
    12. Take the Lead with Sarah- Samuel Cajigas 1-141, Ella Klebaner 2-203
    13. Principal for the Day LOWER- Aditya Jhalani 2-206
    14. Crafty with Lila and Lauren- Liam Kupferschmidtt K-101
    15. Principal for the Day UPPER- Michael Sacca 4-245
    16. Scooping With Seferian- Auden Sorensen 4-243
    17. Tea for Two With Leslie- Teddy Landa 5-220, Hannah Bess 5-220
    18. Crafting With Miss Natalia- Abigail Chen 3-205
    19. Katarina’s Science Basket- Lila Hertzberg 5-220
    20. Executive Lunch- Ella Franciscovich 1-141, Alex Maese 1-103, Ethan Klein 4-243, Natalie Radin 3-208, Anna Homan 3-208
    21. Kristin Has a Sweet Tooth- Nicky Rosenberg 2-203, Perry Garon 2-203
    22. Early Bird Gets the Gummy Worm- Sammy Katz 2-203
    23. Big Act With Gina- Sammy Katz 2-203
    24. Scoop With Kevin- Lily Leshanski 3-208
    25. Kubera Craves Pizza- Baby Ryan Spencer 
    26. Cupcakes With Michelle- Violet Plotko 4-243
    27. Josh Has a License to Chill- Luna Helm 5-220
    28. Sarah Suh Expert Class- Matthew Lin 2-206, Leah Gillston 2-206
    29. Musical Adventure With Miss Kim- Kamila (no last name) 1-103
    30. GRAND PRIZE- Cooper Dong 2-206