Dear 4-243 Families,

As we approach our spring break, I wanted to update you on the events of Room 243. We are happy to be finished with the ELA test and now are preparing in earnest for the Math Test.  Students have learned how to measure and draw angles using a protractor.  Most of the work we are doing now is review of previously taught concepts.  We have recently begun working on the math “extended response” which is day 3 of the math test.  Students are asked to show work and to find a solution.  Vacation packets have been sent home, as has a Multiple Choice portion of a practice test that was administered earlier this week.  Be sure to look for both of those items in student backpacks and folders.

We also launched our Historical Fiction Book Clubs this week.  Groups of 3 or 4 students are reading Colonial or Revolutionary Era historical books of their choice.  We have met twice and are practicing ways to have a thoughtful and thorough book talk.  Students discuss characters (who are typically fictional) and setting (typically the historical part).  We are also on the lookout for authentic vocabulary of the time period and for historical figures who tend to show up in these books, either as characters or as people who are referenced.  Students are expected to come to meetings, usually on Monday and Thursday, prepared. That means they have read the agreed upon pages, have written a summary and the ideas or topics they want to discuss during the meeting, and any vocabulary or historical people they find in the text.  All students will be reading these books during the vacation as we are having a meeting on the Wednesday we return to school.

In Social Studies, we continue to learn about the 13 Colonies.  All of us are learning about New Amsterdam/New York.  Partners researched other colonies and we are currently working on our projects which we hope to complete and celebrate on Friday, April 7th.  When we return, we will continue to learn about the Colonial Era and then transition into the lead-up to the American Revolution.

We are also reading our Historical Fiction Read Aloud to coincide with these units.  Our read aloud takes place in Philadelphia in the period right after the Revolution.  As you all know, we have a trip planned to visit this historic city which coincides with our Read Aloud.  We will contact chaperones very shortly–there was high demand but we have to limit the amount of chaperones.  Therefore, I will be choosing out of a hat!

As a reminder, students are expected to bring their Science Books to school on Wednesdays and to bring Art Sketch Pads on Fridays.  Many backpacks and HW Folders are in need of a serious clean out.  Please find the time to do this with your child during the break.  Also, please see the previous post from Ms. Kim about changes to Music/P.E. in the coming weeks that you will need to know.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter, Happy Passover and relaxing break,