Dear third grade families,

Spring break feels like a pit stop along an exciting and adventurous third grade road trip! We are thrilled to have completed the ELA state test with confidence and hard work, and now we are launching into nonfiction research clubs and informational writing based on research in Reading and Writing Workshops, respectively. The students are excited to be diving into new areas of expertise as they jot notes and collect technical vocabulary instead of writing short and extended responses. See you next year, ELA exam!

In social studies, our investigations into Brazil may be winding down, but we are proud to be putting the finishing touches on our independent projects to demonstrate all we have learned. We hope that you’ll be able to join us in the classrooms at 8:30 on Tuesday, April 25th to take a gallery walk around the museums we’ll create to share our learning about Brazil. If you can join us, you’ll be able to learn about Brazil’s sports, food, music, holidays, and the Amazon rainforest! Check your home/school folders for the security pass that will come home after the break.

In math, we’re hard at work preparing for the state math exam. We’ve been creating bar and pictographs, calculating area and perimeter, and developing critical thinking skills that will help us to avoid misreading math open response questions. In order to support this work, students brought home a spring break review packet (along with bubble sheet and answer key for your convenience, should you choose to score the work) yesterday (or will bring it home today). We hope that working on a few of these problems each day over the break will help the third graders to keep their skills sharp so we can jump right back in after the vacation.

Wishing you all a restful and relaxing spring break. See you soon!

All our best,

Laura and Kevin