We started our Data Analysis unit. Students are learning to use surveys to collect data, make representations of their findings and to analyze them. We’ll be conducting a few quick surveys (e.g. Did you drink milk with your lunch today; do you prefer ice cream in a cup or cone; are you left or right-handed; How big are your feet? Etc.) and students will plan and conduct their own class surveys. Students will also continue to practice and review addition and subtraction as we progress through the unit.

Writing Workshop

Students brainstormed different types of writing writers can produce when trying to be persuasive. We came up with: books, letters, poems, speeches, songs, lists, signs/posters. Now we’re spending time studying mentor texts for each as students use these different ways to convince others to protect our earth.

Reading Workshop

We started the bend on Poetry in our Avid Readers unit! Students will spend time reading a variety of different poems and songs both independently and with partners. They’re learning that avid poetry readers not only read the words but also think and talk about meaning and try to match the beat and rhythm. Students will also learn about feeling and mood. We’ll be tying this bend to writing workshop, giving students the opportunity to get creative and write poems of their own.