Help us raise funds for Lower Lab by participating in a virtual clothing drive with Schoola!  Schoola will sell your donated clothing at their online store and our school will receive 40% of the proceeds.

Here’s How:
1.  Request a free Schoola Bag or Print a Pre-Paid Shipping Label
2.  Fill it with gently-used children, teen and women’s clothing
3.  Drop bags/boxes in the mail, no postage necessary

Free Collection Bag:
·        To request a free postage paid collection bag, use the school’s link:  You will receive the collection bag in the mail. Then fill it with clothing and drop it back in the mail!

Print a Pre-Paid Shipping Label
·        If you already have a box (like one from FreshDirect or Amazon), throw the clothing in, print a label, and leave for the mailman or schedule a free USPS pickup.  To print, go to and click ‘Donate’ at the bottom of the page

Spread the word to family and friends through our Schoola web page  as the more people that know about us, the more our school benefits!

Contact Alix Kupferschmidt at with questions.

*What to Donate: Clean, like new or nearly new clothing, originally selling for more than $30, top and well-known brands, shoes (no scuffs or smell), boots, coats, hats, scarves, handbags and accessories

*What Not to Donate: Originally selling for less than $30, signs of wear, socks and undergarments, missing labels, altered clothing, offensive language or content, counterfeit items