Dear parents,

Its been an exciting time in the Digital Media. Students in each grade are using digital tools to create projects integrated with their classrooms curriculum.

In the 2nd grade, students have completed posters that show images and content of their favorite fairytale. The poster’s were created using google docs and google drawings. Studnets gained experience searching for images and inserting them into their posters. They learned how to resize text boxes, elbow connectors and change font styles.


In the 3rd grade classes, students shared information they learned about China on a class padlet. In addition, they’ve worked on a google doc that displayed images of famous attractions in China.

Made with Padlet

In the 4th grade and 5th grades, students are learning digital storytelling by using wevideo to create short movies on classroom subjects. The 4th grade students created moveis about their colonies. The 5th grade students created their movies on a famous person in history. In addition, the 5th graders also created timelines of their own life leading up to graduation from Lower Lab School. They used an app called canva.

Here’s an example of my life