Dear 4-243 Families,

This year has gone by so quickly.  It feels like we were just preparing for those tests…As we near the final days of school, please read this reminder for year end tasks.  All students who are returning to Lab next year, must send in an envelope (addressed and stamped) for the summer notice. In addition if your child will not be here on the last day of school, please send in another envelope for his/her report card to be mailed home.

As you make arrangements for the summer, please try to find a few moments to look through your book shelves etc. for books borrowed from school and return them before Friday.

We have already begun sending home some materials and will continue to do so every day this week.  All outstanding quizzes and assignments have been graded and returned to students, except for the current writing piece which is due to me by end of school Wednesday, the 21st.  We have a publishing party Thursday morning where we will share our work.  Don’t forget your pass as it will be very busy in the school lobby that morning.

We spent some time today recommending books to our classmates, so kids should have no trouble reading lots of great books this summer. There is a video of the Wingspan performance and I hope the information here gets it to you.   Here’s the link:

The password is wingspan77

It’s been a great year all around and I wish everyone a very relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation.

With best regards,