Dear Parents

Your child’s lunch account will carry over next year at the Lower Lab or at the middle school where your child is registered (if it’s a NYCDOE public school or a private/charter school that uses the same POS service. To know if you can keep the same account call the new school and ask if they use POS with

The new school year will start with the end of year balance. If you have money on the account, it will be available. If you owe money the debt will accrue.

Please pay any outstanding balance at You will need your child’s OSIS number which is available on the report cards.

The school runs “money free”, please pay directly to the website.

Please remember that we cannot give milk to a student who has no money on his/her account but your child can have the full school lunch (including milk) even if there is no money on the account. Your child does not need to be registered to ask for lunch or breakfast. All students have an account.

You can set up an email to inform you of your child’s account low balance, in the website. You can define a different threshold for each of your children.

Call 718-349-5783 if you need to:

1/ Get a refund from your child account.

2/ Transfer money from a child to a sibling’s account.

3/ Have problem with the website.


Hugues Recamier, School Aide

The Lower Lab School – PS 77