Dear Parents

If your child is already a student at PS77 and using the school bus or a Metrocard, you do not need to do anything. By default, your child will receive the same service. (Please read Rules & Information below).

If your child is a new student at PS77 OR if you need to change your transportation service.


Fall School Bus Information for Parents and Guardians

Starting August 30, all parents and guardians can find out their child’s bus information for the upcoming school year online or by calling the OPT Customer Service Center.

To look up your child’s information online, visit

You will need to enter your child’s student ID number and date of birth to view the information.


Call the OPT Customer Service Center at (718) 392-8855 to obtain your child’s information. Please have your child’s student ID number ready. Automated service is available 24 hours a day beginning on June 28.  Live customer service agents are available 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday – Friday; and during the weekends of July 1 and September 2 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.


If you need a Metrocard you need to send an email at


A student can either have a Metrocard or ride the bus. A student can change his/her mode of transportation but will lose the initial one.

A student is assigned a stop and may use only this stop. If you want to change the stop you need to contact the school.

Students who are not registered for the bus may not ride the bus.

Students who are registered for the bus may not ride another bus that the one they are registered for, and cannot use another stop.

AM Bus: Students must be at the bus stop in advance, drivers may not wait more than 1 minute at a stop.

PM Bus: Students are responsible to check if their pickup is at the stop. It is not the responsibility of the driver. The driver is responsible for students in the bus, once the student leaves the bus the driver is not responsible for the student anymore. Please instruct your child to remain in the bus if nobody is there for the pickup. The driver cannot wait for late parents/babysitters.

It is very important for us to know if your child rides the bus only in the morning or only in the afternoon. If we know your child only rides the bus in the afternoon and is the only student for the stop, then we can disable the stop in the morning thus making the ride faster for all other students of the bus. Please send an email at to inform us, in that case.

If you move, you need to provide new proof of address to the school. Once we have the new proof of address we can change your child’s bus stop. Moving may change your child’s eligibility for transportation. You can check your child’s eligibility here:

Students who live at a distance of 0.5 mile or more, but less than 1 mile (coded B) are eligible for transportation services up to second grade. Starting in third grade, they cannot ride the bus anymore but can still receive a half-fare Metrocard.

Metrocards are for the students’ use only. They allow 3 rides a day. Any person using a student’s Metrocard may be arrested by the NYPD.

Call OPT (NYCDOE) 718-392-8855 for any complaint about the bus service, lateness, problem with driver. OPT’s website:

Call Bus Company SNT 718-346-9600 to get information about a bus.


Parents run private buses from Downtown. To get information, please do not contact the school.

For the route that runs from Greenwich Village and up the East side send an email to

For the route that runs from Soho, Tribeca, Battery Park City and the Financial District send an email to


I do not work at the school during summer. I will be back and answering emails when students come back to school.

Hugues Recamier, School Aide

The Lower Lab School – PS 77