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Dear PS 77 and PS 198 Teachers and Families,                                                                                 June 28, 2017

We held our final June 2017 Student Council meetings on Tuesday, June 13th in room M1.  The greetings for both the lower and the upper grade meetings were given by Josh and Mrs. H.  The Guidance Counselors and leaders of the Student Council shared some of their most memorable experiences this year from Student Council.  A few of the favorites were: The Valentines Day bake sale, The Ronald McDonald House drive, the tower building activities with index cards (lower grades) and newspaper/masking tape (upper grades), and the representative greetings at the start of each meeting.  It’s been a fun and productive year!

Our lower grade and upper grade groups both participated in the ice-breaker “Find Someone Who” (end of the year version).  The representatives were given a handout and asked to mix and mingle in order to find others who made a new friend this year, who found a new interest or talent this year, and who have summer reading books picked out (to name a few).   The challenge was to find 12 different people- one for each item- in the time given and many of the students were successful.  We then shared some of the students we found for the end of the year items and learned about how we have grown and improved this year.

For our activity for both lower and upper grades, we had a celebration!  As leaders, it’s important to celebrate our accomplishments and recognize milestones like concluding the school year as a Student Council representative.  We reminded the students that the position they held this year is an honorable one and that they should be proud of themselves!  We awarded certificates to each of the representatives and we invited them to have a light snack of juice and cookies.  We discussed as a group what one can do with a special certificate: you can post it on a bulletin board, frame it, but it in a scrap book or keepsake album, or simply display it using a magnet on the fridge.  We spent the last part of our meetings relaxing together, chatting, and enjoying each other’s company.

We concluded our meetings with the “Student Council Handshake” and the representatives were given a copy of the meeting agenda to share with their teachers and classmates.  The June Student Council School Spirit Day was “Hat Day” and it took place on Friday 6/23/17.  It’s been a terrific year and we are so thankful to our representatives for their commitment, their ideas, and their participation.  We wish everyone a happy and healthy summer!





Josh Goldstein                                                                                                            Allie Harvazinski

Guidance Counselor, PS 77                                                                                        Guidance Counselor, PS 198