Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 9.27.08 AMWelcome to Spanish!

The age appropriate lessons are organized by topics. Themes include greetings, colors, numbers, foods clothing, the face, animals classroom objects, family, community and the Spanish alphabet. I incorporate in the class oral and physical activities as well, including songs, chants, story telling and movement games plus a written practice.

For Kindergarten, repetition and physical enactment are the keys to learning at this stage. Vocabulary is repeated in each class and similar worksheets are repeated throughout the units so the kids can gain confidence with their work.

For 1st Grade, continues the learning processes begun with Kindergarten. This level covers a curriculum that includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary. The focus is placed on the acquisition of a broad vocabulary as the students begin to learn basic words and sentences.

For 2nd grade, continues the learning processes of first graders. Also, in this level the curriculum includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary. The emphasis is placed on conversational skills, and the learning and assimilation of intermediate words and fuller sentences.

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