Dear Lower Lab Families,

I hope you had a pleasant summer. The bus routes and schedules are now available. Please look at the  Morning Bus Info and Afternoon Bus Info links at the bottom of this announcement.

To see what bus your child is assigned to, please click on this link: (you will need your child’s OSIS #, that you can find on the report cards).

Please take note that the bus M9130 is now split with the M9060 (this is only for the afternoon bus). It may affect only up to 17 students.

Metrocards will be distributed on the first day of school.

As I am not currently working, I will not respond to individual emails. Please do not request confirmation. Your request will be taken care of. Thank you.


Hugues Récamier

School Aide

PS 77 Lower Lab School

Morning Bus Info

Afternoon Bus Info