Dates to remember:

  • January 3-21 – Gifted and Talented Testing  PreK-2nd Grade  Please refer to info on the DOE Gifted and Talented Page for all pertinent testing info and timelines. If you are already a Lower Lab Student you do not need to retest for our school only for CityWide Options.
  • April 11-12 – English Language Arts for Grade 3-5
  • May 1-2 – NY State Math Grades 3-5
  • May 23-25 – 4th Grade Performance Science Testing 
  • June 4th – 4th Grade Written Science Test 

Elementary and middle school students in New York State take yearly State tests in core academic subjects to assess their mastery of the Common Core Learning Standards.

Students’ test results are one of the factors that schools use to decide whether to promote a student to the next grade. In high school, students must pass five Regents Exams in order to graduate and may earn an Advanced Diploma if they pass more exams. Read more about the elementary and middle school promotion policies or high school graduation requirements. Students in New York City also take tests to apply for admission to selective schools and programs and to prepare for college.

New York City and New York State use test results to evaluate how well schools are serving students. To learn more about how the subjects are taught in New York City, see the academics page.

Grade 3-5 Tests
The links below take you to pages with more information about each particular test that elementary and middle school students take; you can also read more about how subjects are taught in New York City on the Academics page.

  • English Language Arts (ELA): Students in grades 3-8 take this test in spring.
  • Math: Students in grades 3-8 take this test in spring.
  • Science: Students in grades 4 and 8 take this test in spring.