Dear 4th and 5th grade parents and students,

Welcome to a new school year!  It is with great excitement that I welcome all of you to our orchestral music program.  Orchestra instruments include: violin, viola, cello, and bass.  This can be the beginning of a very rewarding experience lasting throughout the school years in the Lower Lab and beyond.

Please read the following carefully for answers to frequently asked questions.

When will Ardsley deliver an instrument? – Ardsley will make a first delivery on Wednesday, September 14th.  Ardsley comes to Lower Lab every Wednesday for delivery, pick-up for repair and etc.  If you have not submitted the paper work to Ardsley, the instrument will not be at school.  By the end of September, all students should have the instruments. 

When do orchestra students need to bring their instrument to school?

4th grade students will be split into two groups and receive music instruction once a week as follows:

Violins and Bass: Every Monday starting on Sep. 18th (viola and cello students have PE)

Violas and Cellos: Every Tuesday starting on Sep. 19th (violin and bass students have PE)

5th grade students will receive music instruction twice a week, both small group rehearsal, and the whole class rehearsal:

ALL: Monday starting on Sep. 18th

Violins and Bass: Wednesday starting on Sep. 13th (viola and cello students have ART)

Violas and Cellos: Thursday starting on Sept. 14th (violin and bass students have ART)

How do I care for a string instrument?

  1. Find a safe place in your house to store your instrument. It should be away from pets, siblings, and direct sunlight. 

  2. Cello and bass should be stored on the side only, not on the back – students will learn how to store their instrument in class.
  3. Please do not leave an instrument in extreme temperatures. 

  4. The ONLY one who should be playing the instrument is the student. 

  5. Develop a plan for safely transporting the instrument to and from school. 

  6. Please do not attempt to tune the instrument yourself. I will gladly tune an instrument any day when I am in school.

What if my child’s instrument or string breaks? – In most cases an instrument with minor problems or string replacement can be repaired by me.  All other major repairs should be taken to the rental company.  I highly recommend you to get a damage/instrument replacement protection or insurance.

As parents, you play a vital role in the musical education of your child.  Please help them develop a healthy practice routine at home, and I will assist you along the way.  I will ensure that our orchestra students receive the best music education this year.

And, thank you for giving your child the gift of music!

Ms. Kim, Music Teacher