Dear parents,
I hope your child is excited about Physical Education class this school year. As a friendly reminder, please make sure your child wears appropriate attire for my class. This includes sneakers, socks, shorts/sweatpants and t shirt/sweatshirt. The sneakers should cover the toes and heals of the foot. Sandals and boots are not permitted. The 4th grade sections are split up into lower strings and upper String groups based on their music instrument. Lower string students (Viola/Cello) will have PE on Monday and upper string students(violin/bass) will have PE on Tuesday.
Please see the schedule below for the day your child must be prepared for PE.
Monday: 3-208, 3-205, 1-103, 4-245 (lower strings), 4-243 (lowers strings)
Tuesday: 4-245 (upper strings), 4-243 (upper strings), k-101, 5-218, 5-220
Wednesday: K-106
Thursday: 2-206, K-106, 2-203
Friday: K-101, 1-141
In addition, there are no waivers or exemptions from PE requirements. If your child has chronic or a temporary medical condition, they still must participate in PE. If there is a medical certificate of limitations (Dr Note), it must indicate the area of the PE program in which they still can participate.
If you have any questions, please email me anytime.
Michael Goodman

Physical Education & Technology
P.S. 77 – The N.Y.C Lower Laboratory School for Gifted Education
1700 3rd Avenue
N.Y.C 10128