Dear K-101 & K-106 Families,

Welcome to Kindergarten!  We hope you had a fun and relaxing summer; we are looking forward to a successful year together!

Below you will find some information regarding the policies and procedures in Kindergarten. Please keep this information handy!


Each child will have a Red Home/School Folder that will be used to transport ‘mail’ to and from school each day.  Please check and empty this folder daily as all members of our school community communicate with families via backpack. If you have a note for us (or someone else in the school community), please put it in their Home/School Folder.  At school, each folder will be checked daily and mail will be delivered as marked. If you have concern that something that you sent may not have been received just send an email and we will check on the item.  

You may also e-mail Miss Tracy at (K-101) and Miss Sophia at ( (K-106) with any questions or comments. E-mail is a great way to communicate however, notes regarding dismissal and other time sensitive matters MUST be sent via backpack as we have limited access to a computer during school hours.

We are available and willing to meet with you as needed. If you’d like to set up an appointment please let us know via note or e-mail and we will schedule a time that works.

Morning Arrival

The doors on Third Avenue open at 8:00 AM and close at 8:15 AM.  From there, students will be escorted to the classroom by our student monitors and supervised by the teaching assistant. Students will unpack, talk quietly with their friends and/or read a book until the official school day begins at 8:15 AM.  

Please Note: Toys are not allowed in school; please refrain from sending them with your child.

Dismissal Procedures

(Please communicate these routines with anyone who will be picking up your child.)  

All kindergarten children being picked up are dismissed from the Third Avenue entrance of the school building at 2:25 PM.  We will bring the children down to the doors, ask them to sit on the steps and wait. Once we see you we will call each child individually and send him or her out to you. This is often a very hectic time of day; We will do my best to be quick and efficient! Your cooperation in this routine is greatly appreciated; it ensures the safety of all students and helps to keep dismissal procedures running smoothly.  

At 2:35 PM we will take the students who have not been picked up to the office. If you are late, please enter the building on 95th Street between Third and Lexington, and your child will be waiting in the P.S. 77 office (room #143). You MUST sign your child out with the school staff member before leaving with your child.

A member of the school staff will escort bus and/or After School students to their proper places.  

Any changes to your child’s dismissal schedule must be made in writing. This policy is strictly enforced in order to ensure the safety of all students. Please arrange play-dates in advance so you can let us know the dismissal plans for your child.  Only people who are listed on your child’s blue card will be permitted to pick your child up without a note. In the event of an emergency change in your child’s dismissal, please contact the office and they will relay the message to us.  


The doors on Third Avenue close at 8:15 AM. If your child arrives after 8:15 AM, you must enter the building on 95th Street between Third and Lexington and obtain a late pass from the main office before coming to the classroom.  

It is best to notify the school teacher AND the office if your child is absent. A doctor’s note is required after 3 consecutive days of absence. Moreover, if you are planning a trip that will require your child to miss 3 or more consecutive days, please send in a copy of your itinerary PRIOR to your departure. Please contact the office if you have any questions.  

Snack & Water Bottles

Each child will bring their own snack to school. Students may have water bottles, but please refrain from sending juice boxes and the like for snacktime. When packing your child’s snack, please keep in mind that students will only have approximately 10-15 minutes to eat. Please keep snack separate from your child’s lunch and clearly label it as a snack and include your child’s name. Inside the classroom, the snacks are stored separate from their lunches. If your child has a food allergy, the snack will be kept in a separate place.

Our classrooms have water fountains however, we encourage you to send in a water bottle labeled with your child’s name so that each student has easy access to water at all times, especially during Recess, Lunch, and P.E.


As your child’s birthday approaches, you can email us to set up a day and time for your child to share a small, sweet treat with the class (something easy to pass out: mini-cupcakes, donuts, brownies etc.) Please, NO CAKES! Also, please provide napkins for the snack.

Usually a member of the birthday child’s family reads a story to the class while the children eat their snack. Your child can choose the story or you can surprise us!  As per school policy, siblings will not be allowed to attend in-class celebrations.

Please do not bring any decorations or candles. Keep in mind, in-class birthday celebrations are short and simple (10-15 minutes) at the end of the day at 1:45-2:00 PM.

Children who eat gluten-free or with food allergies, should bring their own special snack to keep in the classroom for birthday celebrations to avoid any issues.

Invitations for birthday parties outside of school may not be distributed in class UNLESS your child is inviting the whole class to their birthday party. This policy protects the feelings of all our children.


Children may bring their own lunch or choose to purchase a school lunch. The cafeteria/office staff will contact you regarding semester fees for lunches.  Milk is also available for purchase in the cafeteria.  

Change of Clothes

Each child will need a change of clothing that will be kept in the classroom in case of accidents. Please send underwear, socks, long pants and a shirt in a baggie marked with your child’s name ASAP. We will keep their change of clothes for the entire year, so please avoid sending shorts, skirts etc. All the items can be rolled up and tucked into a Ziplock bag!


Please label your child’s jacket(s), sweatshirt(s), sweater(s), backpack, lunchbox, water bottle and anything else with his or her name and class number. Items that are labeled have a far greater chance of making their way back to the classroom!

Items that are lost and found are kept in a bin under the windows across from main office. However, without labels, we cannot guarantee that lost items will be recovered.

Class Trips

Our class will go on a variety of trips throughout the city. Volunteers are always needed and welcome! Sometimes there is a limit to the number of chaperones, but we will try our best to give each interested family a turn.  

Permission slips will be sent home before the trip and I will make it clear if there is a small cost involved. Details will be given prior to each trip via the Home/School Folder.


Kindergarten students start an official homework routine in January. The monthly packet will contain various reading, writing and math activities.  


Details about the Kindergarten curriculum will be given during Back to School Night on Wednesday September 13, 2017.  In addition to Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies students will also be involved in a Human Body Study. If you have any contacts in either field or ideas regarding these curriculum areas and would like to volunteer, please let us know! Thank you!

Again, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We are both very excited about our new class of wonderful Kindergarteners!


Miss Tracy & Miss Sophia