WELOME BACK! The Art Room is an exciting place this time of year as students join  their old and new friends sharing their wonderful art experiences during the summer.

I Missed You!

 We begin September by reviewing all the rules of the Art Room, their memories from last year and their goals for this one.  Camaraderie and team spirit are the basis for our first project as  children work together on a school mural called  “ART IS”…   This lesson gives students the opportunity to gain visual introspection and recognize that the concept of art comes in many forms, styles, shapes and sizes.. Every piece of artwork is as unique as the artist and as  Picasso said, “Every child is an artist”.  The execution for this mural is done in the street art style called Graffiti. All students focus on line design learning how to create bold and bubbled fonts. Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat are the referenced artists. Colors in patterns and value are added for excitement. Stay tuned as this great mural develops into a group masterpiece.                                 In the weeks ahead all grades will begin their portrait projects. They will explore various mediums, make connections with art history, culture, broaden their art vocabulary, expand self expression, imagination and aesthetic awareness.