Greetings from Laura!

Today we reviewed how to log into Google Classroom specifically for literacy posts and assignments. If your child is having trouble, fear not – everybody in fifth grade has Technology tomorrow and I’m sure Mr. G will be able to troubleshoot any password-related issues. If your child is having trouble with the entry code, feel free to shoot me an email with their homeroom number and I’ll send you back the correct code.

If your child already logged in and didn’t see the assignment, he or she beat me to the punch post! The assignments are posted now for both classes.

I’m copying the assignment below for the benefit of any fifth graders who have trouble logging in this evening. We’ll fix up all the bugs in the next few days!


Writing Homework for Thursday, 9/14:

Throughout the writing process, the best of writers look back over their writing and ask, “Have I used everything I know about spelling, punctuation, and grammar to make my writing clear?”
Tonight, take some time to step back and ask this question. This doesn’t mean this is all the writing you will do—I imagine you’ll also have time to collect another entry or two—but spend a bit of time looking over your past entries and doing some editing. The following list of questions will help you get started:

Questions to Ask Yourself as You Edit
1. Does this make sense? Are any words or parts missing?
2. Are all my sentences complete? Have I checked for run-ons and fragments?
3. Have I used correct capitalization (for names and the beginning of sentences)?
4. Have I used commas and quotation marks for dialogue?
5. Have I checked to see that all my verbs and subjects agree? Are my verbs in the right tense (past, present, future)?
6. Do the words all seem to be spelled right? Do they look right? Have I checked any I’m uncertain of?
7. Have I checked for frequently confused words (to, too, two; there, their)?
8. Have I paragraphed and indented?