Dear Lower Lab 5th grade Parents,

In Latin class last year, we played a fast paced learning game designed to expand the vocabulary with Latin and Greek roots.

This learning game is now available on the iPhone or iPad with software that I created especially for Lower Lab called Wordcraft.

(3rd and 4th graders will start playing this learning game soon)

Here are instructions on how to open the app:

— Go to or search for “wordcraft vocabulary”

— Open the App Store

— On the bottom left hand you’ll see a star that says “featured”. Tap that.

— when you’ve entered the “featured” section, scroll to the very bottom

— Tap on the button that says “redeem”

— sign in to the app store with your password

— enter the access code I provided to your child on the handout (it should be something like TW45RTG128DR)

— This will unlock the full version of Wordcraft


Please email me at if you have any questions.