In October, our students will practice a variety of locomotors and object manipulation in physical education class.

In the lower grades (k-2), the students will continue practicing locomotors such as walking, skipping, galloping, side shuffling and running. In addition, they will practice soccer specific skills such as dribbling, trapping, passing and shooting on the goal. Most of these skills will be practiced by students in stations setup around the gymnasium or yard.


In the 3rd through 5th grade classes, the students will practice muscular endurance activities such as push-ups and curl-ups. Both of these exercises will be used for the fitnessgram assessments. Please make sure your child practices these exercises at home at least twice a week.

Here’s the link fitnessgram standards


In addition, students in the upper grades will participate in modified soccer games. Students will be expected to show effort, teamwork and sportsmanship at all times.

All of the students will be participating in the Rising Road Runners program. This programgaga teaches students dynamic stretches and proper running technique. Students will receive their Rising Road Runner shirts after completing 10 PE classes.