Hi Families!  

Please see below for a quick update on things we are learning in class :


This month, we had Art Farm come and we learned about birds!  We met and pet Princess (a dove), Dolly (a hen), and Pumpkin (a parrot).  Some of the things we learned:

  • We learned that all birds have bones, feathers, wings, and lay eggs.  
  • We also learned that birds have ears behind their eyes.  
  • We learned that a girl chicken is called a hen
  • We learned that a boy chicken is called a rooster
  • We learned that baby birds come from eggs



We are Storybook Readers!

  • We look at the pictures and the words, remember how the story goes, and  
  • Good Readers:
    • Understand that all of the pages in a book go together (begin to see sequence)
    • Notice more words and think about what they say
    • Re-tell the story (in order of events)



We are super Writers!

  • We say the words slowly and write the first and last sounds we hear
  • We are learning to add more pages to our writing to make books



  • We are counting and recording the number of objects and creating a set with the same number
  • We are counting and analyzing data about our class, such as how many girls/boys we have in our class


Social Studies

  • We are learning about communities and all the people involved in our school community



  • Our core value this month is RESPECT and we have been learning about what respect means and what it looks like.  
  • We are remembering the importance of keeping our hands to ourselves and the importance of sharing and working together



Miss Tracy & Miss Sophia