October 2017

 The Art Room at the beginning of the school year rolls out the important fundamental features in the visual world; which are the Elements of Art. These core concepts are the basis for our self portrait curriculum which is done for students in all grade levels.  It is titled “All about Me”. Here children are given an opportunity to discover their facial features, lines (straight and zigzag), shapes (oval and round), proportion, value of lights and darks, symmetry, balance and more. Students adore looking in the mirror as they are amazed by the movement of their emotional expressions and those of others. It is a joy to watch.

As with all art, these lessons show the development of a child’s fine motor, observation and focusing skills. In addition it can give insight into a child’s self-concept. I have noticed that this is a wonderful way for an adult to see a child through that child’s own eyes. How do these little ones perceive and represent themselves?

Along with creating their portraits, students learn about the history and culture connected with the style of their work. The structure of each lesson is built on prior knowledge and experience. The older they get, the deeper the information. Peer and self assessment supports each child’s opportunity to develop an art vocabulary.

Stay tuned to view the finished work. Current art is all “Work in Progress”…..

K-2     Students practice recognizing lines and shapes using various materials such as soft pastels, paper collage, and ink pens. Looking at details with size relationships create exciting opportunities for children to express their unique imaginations.

Children view the art of Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Paul Klee in order to see how artists represent themselves. Second grade focuses on Picasso as they discover his graphic cubism and how he combined portraitures.

Grades 3-5    Here children build on prior knowledge of the foundations of art and dig deeper using vocabulary
and history. Proportion, line, value and texture are explored in a more complex way. The artist biographies discussed 
are: Roy Lichtenstein’s life and his graphic pop art, Chuck Close’s contemporary style of details using color patterns plus Gustav Klimt’s expressive eclectic gold shown in the beautiful Art Nouveau style. Finally 5th grade will exploring monochromatic textured art using cardboard boxes.

The group mural of Street Art created in September  – “All About Graffiti” was an amazing success  as students learned about shapes, fonts, shadows and super expressive colors.