Dear 4th and 5th grade parents,

Since we have started our string classes,  I would like to share some essential practice tips for your child.  It is important to teach them that learning to play an instrument is a commitment!  Please help your child understand the importance of time management, and setting and achieving goals.  To ensure success in our music class, I suggest the following practice tips:IMG-1481

  1. 15 minutes at a time is sufficient. Please do not push young children (beginner students) into long practice sessions.
  2. ALWAYS practice with good position! Playing with poor posture develops habits that will hinder your child’s progress.
  3. Please do not treat practice as punishment. Your child may start to see it as a chore.
  4. You may want to write down your assignments in a notebook or practice sheet. It helps them to stay on task during a practice session.
  5. Practice slowly, if possible, with a metronome. Your child’s playing will not improve by practicing the music over and over with the same errors.  If you do not own a metronome there are several free mobile apps available. You can also visit
  6. If your child is struggling on a particular passage, focus only on that section. Do not automatically start at the beginning of the piece. Your child will see more results and progress faster if they focus on difficult passages.
  7. Utilize a practice plan that includes a warm-up (usually scales), new material–working on the challenging parts first–and ending with a piece they have mastered and enjoy playing.