abc-border-clipart-kidHi Families,

I hope you had a great weekend!
This week we are beginning our Word Study work.  Each of the children have been placed in a differentiated group to practice words appropriate for them.  Your child will be working with either Robyn or Allison.  
The children will practice 10 pattern words and 3 sight words over two weeks.  Our pattern this week is the long A sound.  Sight words are difficult to sound out, so we learn them and then place them on a word wall.  
The children will be practicing the same words over a two week period, and then an assessment on the words will be given the Friday of the second week.  So, our first assessment will be onFriday, October 13th.  Word study homework will typically be given out weekly.  Please note, word study homework is completed inside of their word study notebooks which go back and forth from home to school.  Also, when completing the homework, it is important for the children to use proper punctuation and capitalization, and to write on the lines. Children who are working on letter formation, or have larger handwriting, can use two lines in the notebooks as a guide.
Allison and Robyn