Dear Families,

In Reading, we are currently focusing on fiction books. All students are expected to be reading a fiction book as this will support the literacy work we are doing. We are continuing to write about reading in our Reading Response Journals, writing about things such as character development over time and how mood and setting affect the character. In Writing, we are finishing up our realistic fiction stories through peer editing and revising. We also started using workbooks to review grammar skills. This will be part of homework and the book should be taken home and returned to school (please do not rip out the pages). In Math, we are unpacking the addition and subtraction strategies such as subtraction in parts, compensation, the number line, and the U.S standard algorithm. In Social Studies, we are learning about the world around us and how to understand it through various kinds of maps. Students should learn the 50 states as well as the continents and oceans. We are having a quiz soon.

Later in the month we will begin an integrated unit on informational reading, informational writing, and Native Americans (Social Studies Research). We are taking a special field trip to Inwood Hill Park on Wednesday October 25th. Please review and sign the permission slip and return it to school along with the $3.00 trip fee as soon as possible. It is sure to be a great learning experience!

Best Wishes,

Robin Courtwright