The science inquiry- based curriculum for the school year 2017-2018 is in full swing. We did all the pre-assessments for the units of study (for Grades1-4) that drive the instructions and started the investigations as they were described in September’s Blog.


Plans for October


-Grade 1

Students are continuing with the Investigation 1: Mealworms. They observed the mealworm larva and learned about its structures and behaviors. They will learn through observations the life cycle of the darkling beetle (four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa, adult) what we call a complete metamorphosis. They will solve two math extensions related to the mealworms.

The Investigation 1 will be followed by the Investigation 2: Waxworms (structures, behaviors, life cycle- complete metamorphosis: four stages of development like in the case of the mealworm. The adult is not a beetle but a moth) and by the Investigation 3: Crickets (structures, behaviors, life cycle- incomplete metamorphosis; three stages of development: egg, nymph, adult).


-Grade 2

Students finished Investigation 1: Three Rocks. They observed and described the physical properties of three different igneous rocks (Scoria, Basalt and Tuff).

During the next lesson, they will be (are) starting the Investigation 2: River Rocks. They will be sorting twenty river rocks according to different physical properties (for example: texture, size, hardness, color, etc.) and screening river rocks according to the size (sand, gravel, pebbles). They will be making pictographs and solving a few math extensions related to the investigation.


-Grade 3

Students will be continuing with the Investigation 1: How Long Is It? They made their meter tapes and started to estimate and measure the length of different objects. Soon, they will have a homework assignment that will require to measure the length and width of a bed and record the measurements in metric units (meters, centimeters).

The Investigation 1 will be followed by the Investigation 2: How Heavy Is It? Students will be estimating, measuring, and recording the mass of different objects in metric units (grams).  Students will be reading, taking notes, and analyzing articles (reading selections) related to the investigations.


-Grade 4

Students are finishing the Investigation 1: Plants and Soil. They learned what nutrients the plants need for their growth and development. They will be starting Investigation 2: Role of Plants as Producers. They will learn how we propagate plants; why the plants are an important part of an ecosystem; why the plants are called producers; what is the difference between photosynthesis and phototropism. They will also read and analyze articles related to the investigations and work on the math extensions.