-Grade 1

Students will be learning about the insects that go through incomplete metamorphosis (three stages of development)- egg, nymph, adult. This represents Investigation 3: Crickets (described in the October’s Blog) and Investigation 4: Milkweed Bugs. They will be observing and recording structures and behaviors of crickets (nymph and adults) as well as the milkweed bugs (nymphs and adults).

There also will be one lesson done in cooperation with the Art Farm on Wednesday, November 22nd (both Grade 1 classes). The theme of the lesson is “Invertebrates.”


-Grade 2

Students will be continuing the Investigation2: River Rocks. They will explore river rock mixture containing earth material particles of various sizes. They will separate the rock mixture according to the sizes of the particles into 5 groups: sand, small gravel, large gravel, small pebbles, and large pebbles. They will learn about the smaller particles than sand which are called silt and yet smaller particles than silt called clay through experimentation.

There will be two math extensions used as apart of the investigation and few reading selections.

-Grade 3

Students will be working on the Investigation 2: How Heavy Is It? (This investigation was already described in the October’s Blog.) During this investigation, they will learn also how to set up a controlled experiment that has only one independent variable and the rest of the variables are controlled.
They will analyze a great article called “Opinion or Evidence” and few other reading selections.
Note: All investigations have a challenging real math word problem for students to solve and a response sheet that requires the use of the thinking skills (application of the knowledge to the new situation).


-Grade 4

Students learned about the role of the plants as producers in the ecosystem. They started to observe the structures and behaviors of primary consumers (crickets) and secondary consumers (green anoles), which represent Investigation 2. Within this investigation they will dissect owl pellets and learn what an owl eats and how is the owl linked back to the plants what concern the transfer of energy (food chains, food webs).

The Investigation 2 will be followed by Investigation 3: The Role of the Decomposers in an Ecosystem. The students will observe and record the structures and behaviors of pill bugs, sow bugs, bess beetles and earthworms.

Note: Once a week we will review the homework plus provide extension for it. The first homework is due on Thursday, November 2nd for Donna’s Class and on Friday, November 3rd for Ms. Courtwright’s Class.

Please make sure that your child does the homework and brings the Coach Workbook to school on the days allocated for the reviews. The full schedule of the dates including the lessons and pages (until almost the end of January 2018) is attached in the workbook.



Reminder (for Grades 1-4):

Please do not forget to stop by the science lab during the parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s progress on Thursday, November 16th (afternoon or evening).