Dear families,

For November, our students (2-5) will finish up their digital citizenship lesson topics such as internet research, copyrights, and bibliographies. In addition, students will take a written assessment that will cover previous topics in digital citizenship such as cyberbullying, privacy rules and the rings of responsibility. By the 3rd week of November, students will practice using google apps for education such as google docs and google drawing. We will teach or review how to students can access their google drive and submit assignments to their teachers through google classroom.



In the lower grades (k-1), our teachers will be launching their ipad program by teaching the students the following rules:


  1. Please don’t get me wet.
  2. Share me with others & take turns
  3. Be gentle with my screen & buttons.
  4. Turn me off when you are not using me.
  5. Carry me with two hands.

Students will also be introduced to a few simple applications that supplement the offline work being practiced in the classroom.

In the computer science programs, students will participate in the second annual Code-a-Thon, sponsored by This event will take place during the week of November 13th through 17th.


In Robotics, our students will participate in the Wonder League Robotics Competition by completing their first challenges in mission 1. For these challenges, students will be required to write about their experiences using the robots to solve challenges.