November Update

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

You are invited to sign up for Ms. Courtwright Fall 2018 PTC.

DATE: November 13, November 14 and November 16

PLACE: 4-245

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: End of day 3 days before each conference day

To pick a time slot, enter this link in your internet

At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should enter 2AR1214176

This information will also be backpacked home.


In math, we are beginning a group project. Students will be researching an ancient number system (such as Chinese, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mayan). They will be learning about how it works and will be teaching the rest of their classmates about it. This project is an extension of our first unit where we explored our base ten number system.

In literacy, we are finishing up our first unit on realistic fiction reading and writing. Students are beginning to think about determining the theme. Remember, the theme is what the author is trying to teach about life (as opposed to the lesson the character learns). Please ask your child what their thoughts are about the themes in their independent books. They should continue to read a CHAPTER book at their appropriate reading level and write about what they are reading Mondays-Thursdays.

In class, we are moving into an informational reading, writing, and research unit. Students will be working on a long term Social Studies project about Native Americans. There will be various due dates. Please keep an eye out for this packet. Students will work on the project in school and at home. A variety of reading, writing, and research skills will be embedded in this project. It is sure to be challenging. You can support your child by checking in with them about their progress. Always refer back to the project packet for questions about deadlines, etc. This project will be shared with students in coming days. Thank you in advance for your support!

Happy Halloween!!!