Hi Families!  

Please see below for an update on things we are learning in class :


We celebrated our first unit in Reading! We can proudly say, “We are storybook readers!” We are now starting our second Reading Unit called SUPER POWERS!! Readers have “super powers” to look, point, and read everything they can!

  • Some of the reading strategies we have learned so far include:
    • Reread power: super readers “activate” their reread power by rereading sentences in special ways (i.e. whispering it, singing it etc.)
    • Pointer power: super readers use pointer power to check their reading, making sure what they say matches what they see (i.e. every word gets one tap)



We celebrated our first unit in Writing by having an in class publishing party!  We are now working on our next writing unit called. Looking Closely, Observing and Labeling like Scientists.  Students have been hard at work writing like scientists by observing things in nature.  They do this by following these steps:

  • Looking closely at the objects
  • Drawing what they see
  • Adding labels



  • We started a new unit in Math called Counting Quantities, Comparing Lengths.  We are working on counting and comparing quantities and beginning to explore measurement by comparing objects to see which is longer.
  • In class, students engage in math problems and games and discuss the underlying concepts.  They are asked to share their reasonings and solutions.  


Social Studies

  • We are starting to learn about different cultures and traditions.  
    • Thanks to Kanan (Shaleen and Sahil’s mom) we learned all about Diwali!  We learned this is the Hindu festival of light that is celebrated every year. The students had the opportunity to make really cool candle holders 🙂



  • Our core value this month is TOLERANCE and we will be learning about what that means and what it looks like.  



Miss Tracy & Miss Sophia