Dear Families,

Students continue to build skills as readers, writers, and mathematicians.  We had a very interesting trip to Inwood Hill Park last week where we learned so much about the Lenape and their lifestyle in the area just around NYC.  We also saw a Red Tailed Hawk which was a surprise and a thrill.

Back in class, we are wrapping up our fiction unit in reading and writing.  Soon we will begin looking deeply at non-fiction texts, primarily through our Social Studies unit on Native Americans.  Children have already begun reading about the Algonquians and we will continue with the Iroquois.  Soon, students will embark on an independent research project that will include further reading and writing about informational texts.  Students may want to take a trip to the library or do some online research.

Our math work around addition and subtraction is coming to a close and before we launch our multiplication work, students will do an independent and small group project learning about ancient number systems.  We are confident this will be an opportunity for extension and enrichment of the traditional math curriculum.  It’s possible that students will want to do some extra research at home.  Feel free to assist with online research but please remember, it is the student’s work.

Notes about Parent Teacher Conferences have been sent home with students.  You can sign up for conferences online–the directions are in the note along with the code needed.

I look forward to meeting you in mid November. In the meantime, I will see some of you Saturday at the McDonalds Fun Run in Central Park.

With best regards,