November 2017    As our days move on, students have continued learning about the elements of art exploring their own creativity with different methods, materials and varied techniques.

Kindergarten proudly completed their portraits adding beautiful details such as tissue paper mosaics. They reflected on how an artist creates the foreground and backgrounds asking comparative questions such as “what is similar and what is different”.  We will continue learning more on this unit as we study the art of Mondrian and his use of directional lines.

First grade loved their Van Gogh experience and his still life work. They studied the fine art of table shadows and the use of cadmium yellow paint depicted in their sunflowers. Next they were involved with diagonal lines and forming shapes with their amazing spider web art.

The beauty with abstract cubism created by Second grade as they studied the influential artist, Pablo Picasso has turned into an amazing collection. Their portrait’s main focus was about contrast. The front versus the side view, warm and cool colors, darks/ lights, angles /curves. They discussed the emotional impact in art and how colors can express their feelings. We will expand on this learning in the upcoming weeks with Native American cultural art and Henri Matisse’s amazing movement of design.

Third grade is proud of Pop Art and all the fun, exciting shapes, words and colors they are using to complete their portraits. The life study of Chuck Close and Roy Lichtenstein deepens students visual awareness and their own sense of style. November they will learn about symmetry and art in nature  as they discuss lights and darks.

Fourth grade also continues to develop their visual acuity as they study details in their own eyes rendering with black and white charcoal. Gustav Klimt portraits with swirling line pattern, gives children the opportunity to experience and control rhythm -and movement in their art. This grade level will continue to explore composition that centers on repetition.

Fifth grade is at the final stages of their remarkable relief art of self images. They studied texture in monochromatic colors as they fine tune their visual skills looking at smooth bumpy and rough surfaces. Students use their imaginations crafting solutions with cardboard to create their facial features that builds in depth and height. Very creative with amazing hand skills. Our next art unit will be an assignment on fine lines, space and value.

Stay tuned to view the finished work. Current art is all “Work in Progress”…..