The 4th graders have made great progress in Latin grammar, mastering nouns in 2 cases and 3 declensions, and verbs in 3 tenses and all 4 conjugations. Pretty impressive! We have begun our exploration of the adjective and can now tackle such impressive challenges as:

Our study of English grammar has taught us the following grammatical concepts:
– subject
– object
– noun
– verb
– adjective

Our zoological-terminology curriculum has taken us through the following progression:
– carnivore vs.  herbivore vs. omnivore
– biped vs. quadruped vs. arthropod vs. arthropod vs. gastropod
– vertebrate vs. invertebrate

– monogastric vs. polygastric

Alongside all that, we have started to learn the roots of English vocabulary using the computer game I created especially for Lower Lab.

WORDCRAFT is a fast-paced vocabulary game supercharged with Latin and Greek roots. We will be learning hundreds of sophisticated words and most importantly, gaining skill and confidence in breaking down any word into its parts.

Wordcraft can be played at home and at school. On laptops, iPhones or iPads. Check out your progress by clicking “my progress on the upper right hand side.”

Usernames and passwords have been passed out in class. If you need help please contact Akiva