It was so nice to have so many families attend our Open School events as well as meet with each of you regarding your child’s strengths and goals.  I am always grateful to work in a community with such supportive and involved families.  Thank you!

During the past few weeks and the weeks coming, the students have been knee-deep in fractions.  Building on what they’ve learned in third and fourth grade about expanding, simplifying, adding and subtracting fractions, students are using these skills in problem solving situations.  Over the next few weeks we will continue working with fractions, focusing on multiplication and division.  

We are finishing up the second investigation in the Variables unit in Science, Lifeboats.  Students are building boats (paper cups), testing the number of passengers (pennies) they can hold, and measuring the capacity of the boat.  Like the Swingers unit, the students are focused on changing one variable at a time, identifying the independent variable, dependent variable and creating two-coordinate graphs (on paper and on the computer).  We will finish our Variables unit in December with a final investigation, Flippers, that encourages the students to develop their own controlled experiment involving small objects and flip sticks (things will be flying!).  

I hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving, full of family and friends, I will be checking out the parade, hosting dinner and enjoying a few days off!  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.