Dear 4-243 Families,

We are in the process of transitioning from researching our Native American projects to drafting our essays.  Some students still have research to do so please feel free to assist at home, whether using books or websites. Just remember that children are expected to site resources used.  Below, I am including a copy of the Letter to Parents that was sent home at the beginning of the project.  Please take note of and mark your calendars for our Publishing Party on December 22nd.  This will include a presentation through our association with Wingspan Arts, so SAVE THE DATE.  Students will be typing their drafts during class time using Google Docs.  In some cases, students will need to complete the typing at home.

November 15, 2017

Dear Families,

Attached you will find a detailed description of an interdisciplinary research project students are beginning. There are many learning goals embedded in this project such as:

  • time management

  • organization

  • long term planning

  • Native American history across the US

  • research skills

  • internet research skills

  • note taking skills

  • informational reading

  • informational essay writing skills

  • peer evaluation

  • using feedback to improve

We have gone over the due dates and expectations with them. In the classroom students have access to a variety of books, note taking sheets, works cited/bibliography sheet, outline sheets, self-evaluation sheets, and some time for internet research. We will be teaching them the necessary skills over the course of November and December. We plan to celebrate their accomplishments at a publishing party on Friday, December 22nd.

You can help at home by:

  • Checking in with them about their progress

  • Asking them what their next step is

  • Taking them to the library to find additional books, articles, or DVDs

  • Helping them do internet research (a list of suggested websites is available on our google classroom)

  • Assisting with any supplies they may need to complete their creative project

  • Asking them what they are learning about

  • Reminding them to take home their project materials when needed

We look forward to seeing their hard work and growth in this project. Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Wishes,

The Fourth Grade Team

Thank you for your support of your child and of Lower Lab. See you soon,